No-bake Chocolate Cherry Tartes

This might not be a fashion post, but where would fashion be without people..people who need nutrition!

For the Tart Bases ( serves 6) :

35 Oreos – fillings removed and finely crushed
100g molten butter

For the Ganache filling :

200g dark chocolate
200ml double cream
4tbsp golden syrup

50 cherries – 8 per tarte

How to make them :

1.) Pour the biscuit crumbs into a bowl with the molten  butter, mix until all is incorporated

2.) Line Tart tins with the biscuit dough, pat down to leave a well in the center and refrigerate until it is solid.

3.) For the ganache heat the ingredients over a non stick pan until glossy.

4.) Pour just enough ganache into the biscuit bottom so that it leaves space for cherries, top with cherries.

SO easy!

All images and recipe by Mowie Kay


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