Weekly Finds

This Week’s Fetishes

All the things that caught our eyes this week.
1.) Because this nailvarnish reminds us of beetles : and we’re intrigued about the “special effects”
2.) Said things in nature : all shades of beautiful beetle
3.) A crown for the pony tail : similar can be found at H&M instore

4.) A brilliant idea for any sort of drink : flowers frozen into ice cubes
5.) Cross body harness : this just is a cool accessory
6.) Mini landscapes on nails : because normal nail art just isn’t cutting it any longer
7.) I don’t understand how your feet can walk in this : anyone?


3 thoughts on “This Week’s Fetishes

  1. I’m having mixed thoughts about the pony crown. On one hand, it’s chick and nice and looks very polished – but on the other hand, pony tails themselves look too sporty for me. Can a pony really look ladylike?

    • Well, I guess it depends what one’s personal style is. It seems to be a nice addition for people who like to wear pony tails, for work purposes or in their spare time, maybe it can even be paired with a braid – I’m personally not very imaginative with my own hair, but many people create amazing hairstyles, and such a crown is a “different” addition to all the hairpins and bands. I’m certain there’s bigger ones ( I just can’t find a link at the moment) that you can put around a topknot or a neckknot, if that is more your style.

      It is a good question though, and I have no instant answer, it probably boils down to what each person considers as looking lady like and from what age onwards one can look lady like – be considered a lady.

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