Filippo Minelli

“Decontextualization of a violent tool changing quickly the surroundings, creating chaos, blinding the eyes, used in natural landscapes. The result proves that beauty can be found in clashing visions with an approach and aesthetic similar to romanticism. Showing the power of nature with the implication of religious aspects. Juxtaposing violence and beauty as a political statement. The need, in the age of information and communication technology, of going back to silence being aware of its presence. The idea of ‘hidden manifest’ is contemplated in most of religions: Orthodox, Islamic, Catholic, Jewish mysticism, ‘Yin Xian’ for Taoism, and also in great philosophies like Buddhism. In opposition to what Charles Baudelaire called the anxiety of a mankind without roots, lost in metropolis, steadily shot through by the consciusness of ugliness and the fascination with evil.” Silence/Shape Project; images by Filippo Minelli


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