Fantastic Fashion Fairytales

Should you be one of my followers (if not, do sign up, I’ll even promise you virtual cake or some such for your birthday) you will have noticed that I am somewhat of a fan of Fairytales. Now, I assume you’re looking for the follow box on the right.. there you found it!.. Yes, it’s a quote from Alice in Wonderland..well done!  As should be clear from this blog that I have a thing for fashion as well, so stumbling over these pictures with the adorable Annie Leibovitz was a special delight and made a sunny afternoon even better.

(all pictures via Vogue)


8 thoughts on “Fantastic Fashion Fairytales

  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thank you for sharing these. I realize it’s just Vogue stepping onto the most recent bandwagon…but since it’s one I’m addicted to and have been since childhood…I guess I can forgive them this once. 😛

    Love your stuff, btw…glad Lily pointed the way. She finds the neatest stuff. 😉

    • To be fair it’s just a matter of time until all the genres you can have a photoshoot with are exploited.
      At least these images are really really pretty 🙂

      xx Clé

      • Heh…yeah, that was mostly just snark. It’s a bad habit of mine. But definitely pretty, and awesome in their references and details. The one that giggles me the most though, is the Tea Party. Alice, and Mad Hatter…and the March Hare? He has none! (sorry, I know that was a groaner. i’m silly sometimes)

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