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DIY Jewellery

When sustainability is a big thing in the fashion industry I’m always positively surprised to find DIY geniuses who use things that lie around in our daily householdes. In this case : jewellery from rubber. I assume it’s mostly cut up pipes, but who knows, the possibilities are endless, and it looks genuinely good. I can very much imagine a designer that would sell these things; so before that happens, snatch the idea and make your own! (Maybe a last min. easter gift?)

(all pictures taken from here


5 thoughts on “DIY Jewellery

  1. That definitely is very eco-chic! The necklace is actually kinda cute now that I look at it. I just followed your lovely blog!
    Would you mind having a look at my new blog? – Karen.

  2. Hmm…pretty much anything you can make from paper coils is possible with these. And colors, too…lord knows that rubber bands come in a zillion colors. 😉

      • *giggles* Might go the way of the Duct Tape craze. Special rubber bands in designer colors and sizes, kids making rubber band dresses and tuxedoes…and it’ll be all your fault! 😛

      • I really dearly hope that this is not going to happen.
        Although, who knows, maybe it can look pretty cool and it would be upcycling so hrm.
        I think I still prefer clothing made from fabric though!

        xx Clé

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