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Pantone & “Palette Culinaire”

I came across Emilie’s blog and fell in love, craved high amounts of sugar, wanted to paint my room, felt like spring arrived was amazed. This 26 year old Artistic Director ( I’m blissfully unaware of how the female version of this would be, so please don’t be offended) has the most lovely sugar sweet creations on her blog – she also has Twitter, Facebook and an Etsy store, should you be tempted to give this more time.. Especially her newest project, which features food platters styled in Pantone colours, has caught my eye like a fish-hook. I’m not quite sure why, maybe it’s because Pantone colours are hyped on almost everything ( rubik cube anyone?) or maybe it’s because the idea is not only ingenious but also beautifully orchestrated and simply mouth-watering.

(all food related images are taken directly from Emilie’s blog; “Palette Culinaire” refers to Emilie’s Blog )


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