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The Classical Hollywood Musical

Don’t we all know the moments lost in dreams when we wish we wore fantastic gowns and there was a soundtrack sweet as honey playing to our life, instead of the constant car honking outside our workplace? Not to be sad; at least for some precious hundreds of seconds we can escape and indulge in Classical Old Hollywood Musicals. The ones where Fred Astaire and Ginger Roberts would leave the floor burning. ( If you have never heard of these two then do ask the elder generation, I guarantee that cookies and stories will form part of the next hour.) For the rest I would like to introduce to less well known pieces – as opposed to Singing in the Rain, especially their magnificent choreographies whose mastermind Busby Berkeley has been. Namely, I’d like to introduce the glorious gowns, glittering hairpieces and glow-in-the-dark (!) violins that form part of Footlight Parade and Gold Diggers.

Footlight Parade:

Gold Diggers:

.. ah yes, the craving to dance around didn’t stop.


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