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Joseph Turvey Vauxhall Men’s Ones to Watch

..or ‘What confused me for a second and made me distractingly giggle for the rest of the show’ could have been an alternative Blog title. During the London Fashion Week’s Vauxhall One’s to Watch Show there has been quite some talent, golden jackets and see-through coats – only underwear underneath ..hellou male models! – but nothing quite captured me in the moment as these garments from Joseph Turvey. Yes, they were well made, yes also well presented but what truly caught my eye was the fact that I had just seen a machine sample that looked so much like this garment a few days before, when I had visited an atelier containing all ‘them fancy machines and fabric samples. I get entertained quite easily apparently. (Mini side note : I am fully aware this is not the most exciting post but there still is that cat video a few posts down to entertain you, should you oh dear not be interested in the resemblance of a garment with a fabric sample.) And for all the ones who did managed to navigate through this rather dull load of sentences; the fabric technique is called Tufter. Basically, the thread gets stitched in, cut on top and then lots of repetitions. Makes the fabric look all fuzzy and alive. And for the record it is not actually how Joseph Turvey’s garment have been made.


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