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Jasper Garvida -London Fashion Week

I had the pleasure of attending Jasper Garvida’s Show for the London Fashion Week a week ago and I thought that I’d share the photos with you after a very short introduction. Jasper had graduated from the well-known ‘fashion week designer emerging’ Central Saint Martins with BA honour in Fashion Design Womenswear. His A/W ’12 collection ‘Revolutionnaire Situation de la Forme’ which was shown in the Bloomsbury Hotel has been inspired by Russian Constructivism.
“The collection captures the essence and beauty of the contemporary woman. Luxury fabrics include printed satin illustrating mechanical machinery mixed with soft suede and fine cashmere to create a utilitarian silhouette, spotlighting Marlene Dietrich, one of the most celebrated women of the World War era.”

Jasper Garvida himself pictured at the end of this stream of photos.


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